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VELO (The Latest News)

Just what is it that we do?

  • We can tell you what your treasures werth (Appraisals Starting at 50.00$).
  • Have a library of books, Cd's, Lp's, video, beta whatever the medium. We will digitize it at the highest quality possible allowing you to take your library with you in your pocket, accessible any time you like in either cloud

VELO's "Summertime and the Living's Easy" auction

No Reserve! - Celebrate the end of winter with a makeover on us. We have plenty of Schrader's Collection left - minus reserves. We have to make room which translates into 75% price cuts for you to look forward too. And whoever buys the secret 'lot' wins a 'lot' of their choice out of 20 to choose from. Click to go to auction

2 Appraisals for The Price of One!

Spring Cleaning often unearths buried treasure.

We not let us tell you just what you're dealing with.

Bottom line is a pawn shop is going to give you about 20%

of its true value. The Bigger auction houses like Heritage

and Christies, maybe, 60% after you are hit with all of the extras

that were not necessarily talked about (Marketing, Taxes, Cleaning & preparing).

We charge 15 % and cover all of your expenses in our auctions

from marketing to shipping and insuring.

Moving into a New Gallery

We are moving down to 3rd soon.

We will keep everyone informed, or

perhaps just throw a party... that still

doesn't ever attract movers does it.

There is No Such Thing as a Stupid Question

Customers have questions, we have answers.

1. How often are there auctions, and can anyone buy or sell in one?

Answer: Every two months.Yes, you just have to call us and or email us with your item that you would like to have consigned.

Appraisals, Auctions & Terms


Your first appraisal is on us. After that one you get 10% off all future appraisals, and 20% off Will, Trusts or estate totals. If you bring a competitors bid in writing we will beat their bid by 50% & The time they said they'd do it in. All appraisals are subject to future changes depending on the many variables of nature, circumstances unforeseen, and economic market.


We typically hold an auction every month or two. They are posted on our calendar and available to all subscribers or those that we accept upon completion of your auction application through our site and Proxibid, or both simultaneously. We are having a 1000 item auction on memorial day weekend. We have some amazing items in this auction including a rare Terry O'neill Beatles Photo 1/50: Large, beautiful and in mint condition.

Warranties & Guarantees

We can and will create any type of legal, written, or verbal contract if necessary to propagate the deal and or transaction you have in mind to bind between us. Communicate your stipulations and so will we. Call 24 hours a day (323) 203-2915 Leave us a detailed message if we don't answer with your questions and a number to call you back at, and we will  as soon as we can. 

Dog Days of Summer Auction

Don't Miss Your opportunity to own a Piece of Hollywood Film Memorabilia

This Auction Has a Little Bit of Everything Including:

  1. Vintage and Modern Jewelry, Watches and Loose Gems.
  2. Fine Art like Paintings, Prints and Sculptures.
  3. Film and Music Memorabilia
  4. Coins, Currency and Stamps.
  5. Ephemera, Both Historical, Political, and Personal.
  6. Photography, Numbered and signed by the likes of Terry O'neill, Murray Garret, Mick Rock, and more celebrities which include Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles and David Bowie.
  7. Book and Record Collections
  8. Japanese Books, Films, and Collectibles.

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Book Obsessed (Our Appraisal)

Leonard Schrader's book collection, along with his posters, coins, stamps and ephemera have found a home here with us, and are available for you to buy now. His Lobby Card Collection

sold in 2009 to Osians, for 2.38 Million. If you are interested in buying any of his other collections then you had better hurray because they are going fast VELO's Auction

About us... Hearts of Art

Musical Instruments, Guitars, Pianos & Gear.

Guitars, brass, woodwinds and many other musical works of fine craftsmanship are available. Either through our auctions, or call us up, and we will give you an itemized list with everything that you need to know in order to make a decision. Collectible guitars and concert posters are a couple of our best collections. With artists like Emek, Dan Grezca, Gary Houston and Bob Masse. Or if you would like us to sell an item for you at an auction, give us a call, and we'll make you some money.

Movie Posters, Screenplays, Autographs, Photographs, Lobby Cards & Other Film Memorabilia.

We have posters, lobby cards, autographed books and more dealing with all film genres. Directors, actors, producers we have items that belonged to some rather eclectic individuals and celebrities that can now be yours. Our posters range between foreign films, and the early talkies to 1960's rock music venues and concert posters. Many of which are signed and numbered and all of which are collectible. Nobody matches our inventory of Japanese 40's & 50's items. From Sam Shepard to Paul Schrader.

Buy, Sell, Consign, Appraise; Organize your estate with knowledge, not luck.

We will beat any competitor's price when it comes to consignments and appraisals. We work with our customers until they are satisfied. Fact is, we are about referrals not large ad campaigns. We are a family owned and operated business. That's why your family and property matter to us. Because, when you organize an estate or even a guitar collection it's important to work with individuals that are musicians and guitar collectors themselves. Not pawn shop owners and guessers.

Needful Things...

First, identify what you have because...

"You don't know what you have until it's gone."

We hope you find out what it is and benefit from its true value before that happens. Don't sell it for less than its worth... We treat all appraisals equally and professionally in all aspects of buying and selling rare collectibles. Whether you're handling someone else's estate, or just came across something at a garage sale, or auction that has something special about it. Antiquarian Booksellers and collectible book dealers is not all we specialize in. We have few competitors that can match our vision and outside the box approach to customer service. We operate 24 hours a day all year long, and are not of the opinion that it's always about money, especially when it's an heirloom that's been in the family for centuries.

Auctions, Wills & Estates

Losing a relative or a loved one is never easy. Often it's the worst time to deal with their possessions or property. Nobody wants to make a decision or think about money, wills, or trusts, when they are mourning. In fact, it was that same situation which gave us our knowledge & first collection to work with. That's why we would love to help you get through your estate or inheritance in the most organic and beneficial way possible. With patience, care, and trust. Because family is treasure.

Buy & Sell: Coins, Gold, Silver, Gems & Stamps

20 years experience and counting in this business. Whether you have something to buy in mind, or many things to sell. If you are a decorator or interior designer, look no further to make your client happy. We firmly believe that everything one owns should grow in value or at least retain its value with time. Making it easy to not only appreciate how you feel about an heirloom, but that everyone else who sees it does too.

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Whether it's an estate that needs appraising, a will, or even just an old heirloom or wedding ring. We have a team of experts and professionals for any situation - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We organize your assets in the most unobtrusive and productive fashion possible. Your way or not at all. We are used to the stoic and eccentric. Our auctions every two months, and online store make quick cash easy. Or for those that like to get top dollar, rest assured, we have your buyer, at your price.

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